Eve’s Pro Ceremony Music Tips

Top tips from the ceremony music expert!

  • Choose a slower/calm piece to walk down the aisle to help keep nerves at bay!
  • What size is your congregation, do you require one or more accompanists?
  • The style of music you choose may dictate what type of musical backing will work best
  • An upbeat instrumental at the end is ideal as a song is often lost when people clap 7 cheer
  • It is a nice idea to list the names of your music in your mass booklet as a keepsake
  • If unsure about your booklet, send it to Eve to check. She has loads of experience with mass booklets and is always happy to help!
  • Consider the age group of your guests, a mix of different styles can be nice. Something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Always check your music with your priest, they have the final say!