Eve’s most frequently asked questions


Q: Are you available for week day weddings?

A: Yes I am available 7 days a week for church weddings, civil ceremonies and drinks reception music.


Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes I travel up to 1.5 hours from Limerick city and travel fees may apply.


Q: When is the best time to book you?

A: I take bookings up to two years in advance. I receive several enquiries for wedding dates and I take bookings on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Do you do music requests?

A: Yes I do music requests and would be happy to accommodate you. Please ensure that you give me at least 4 weeks notice.

Q: Do you do background music before the ceremony?

A: Yes I provide gentle background music creates a lovely ambience in the church as the guests arrive to celebrate your wedding day. I will stop the background music a few minutes before the bridal entrance so that the entrance music stands alone and has more impact for your special moment as you walk down the aisle.

Q: Do I have to check music with my priest?

A: Yes, please check your music with your priest as a courtesy to make sure that they are happy with your choices! Some churches have very strict guidelines about music but if you have any questions please speak with your priest.

Q: I can’t decide which package I want!

A: You can book me now and decide later which package you would like later. I have 8 packages to choose from to suit every budget and musical taste. I have a host of professional musicians that I work with on a regular basis that I would be happy to book on your behalf.

Q: When do I need to choose my music and how?

A: Most couples like to print their booklets 4 – 8 weeks before their ceremony. This is an ideal time to have your music confirmed.

Q: I’m not sure about some of my music choices but want to get my booklet printed!

A: You can always add a music note symbol like this ♬ to each section of the mass in your booklet instead of listing the names of your pieces. If you are not sure that you have added the music correctly to your booklet please feel free to send me a word doc or pdf of your booklet and I will check it for you.

Q: My priest has asked if you can sing mass parts?

A: As an experienced church soloist I am very familiar with all religious mass parts so this is not a problem. Depending on your priest they may wish me to sing the ‘Holy, Holy’, ‘Acclamation’, ‘Ár nAthair’ etc. As I arrive at your church an hour early to set up I always say hello to your priest and check in with them regarding mass parts. These are small religious lines of music sung during the mass and don’t necessarily need to be included in your booklet.

Q: How do I pay the deposit and fee?

A: I require a €50 booking deposit to secure your booking. I will send bank details for an online transfer and will confirm by email when I receive same. The balance can be paid prior to your wedding day by bank transfer OR cash on the day itself, please arrange for someone to settle up with me BEFORE the ceremony begins as it’s one less thing to worry about afterwards.